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LIVE RADIO! Daud Batchelor on “Muhammad the Ultimate Leader”; James Howard Kunstler on COVID “Wake-Up Call”; Michelle Malkin on Being Banned from AirB&B

Listen live Fridays 8 to 10 Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at

First half hour: Daud Batchelor discusses his book Muhammad the Ultimate Leader: From Western Business Perspectives. It begins:

“Of five non-Muslim biographers cited by Khalid Yassin, who had studied leaders throughout human history, three of them determined that the most profound human being who has impacted on humanity was none other than the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (saas).

One of the biographers, Michael S. Hart, a Christian, noted that Jesus Christ (on whom be peace) was not a father or husband, and was not a ruler, a military commander, nor a statesman. Consequently, he remarked that Jesus (owbp) cannot be a full role model for us. However, he believed Muhammad (saas) was as influential as Jesus Christ (owbp) on a spiritual level, and as well, ‘Muhammad, may well rank as the most influential political leader of all time.’ Hart stressed,

‘It is this unparalleled combination of secular and religious influence which I feel entitles Muhammad to be considered the most influential single figure in human history.”

Second half hour: Notable American author James Howard Kunstler recently published a wickedly concise summary of the state of the Western world, “Wake-Up Call“:

“Who would have guessed that Canada, demure, inoffensive, shrinking violet among nations, would rise to lead a world-wide revolt against the Satanic dominion of digital neo-Bolshevism?…Well, now it has happened, and the head of Canada’s government, Justin Trudeau — arguably the most fatuous would-be tyrant in the former “Free World” — has failed to emerge from his hidey-hole for the better part of a week, perhaps afraid of his seeing his shadow like the groundhog of legend, and it begins to look as if his days as Prime Minister grow short. It’s rumored that the Canadian military told Mr. Trudeau in plain un-Woke Canadian English to fuck-off, they will not take orders to put down the trucker’s protest, and even the Mounties are wobbling, so it’s left to the Ottawa police, who threaten to arrest anyone aiding the truckers with food, water, and fuel. Wait and see how quickly that will turn to fighting in the streets. Constitutional crisis, ay?”

The onrushing implosion of Western governments’ COVID policies, Kunstler writes, could turn explosive: “We now enter a period of danger as the sleepwalkers of America awaken from their induced consensus trance and begin to understand how they were harmed, swindled, and robbed by a corrupt, criminal officialdom.”

Second hour: Has former Fox News pundit Michelle Malkin taken the red pill? Last year she moved her blog (the biggest political blog in America?) and its massive archives to the Unz Review, home of notorious  dissidents and “conspiracy theorists” like yours truly. Since then Malkin has come under increasing fire by the usual suspects, culminating in last week’s banning from AirBNB.

Banned from lodging for harboring politically-incorrect views? What’s next, “disagree with us and you won’t be allowed to purchase food”? (Maybe I shouldn’t give them any ideas…)

Twenty years ago, when I was a witch and Malkin a witch-hunter, I never thought we’d be playing on the same team. But now we’re both witches, and the witch-hunting team is coming after us with torches blazing. I salute Michelle Malkin’s courageous decision to step outside the mainstream (she had more to lose than I did) and look forward to a fearless and totally uncensored conversation.


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