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Robert Singer Explains Why the World Will End in 2023

(Whew! Glad It’s Not This Year!)

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On December 17  I discussed the end times (akhir uz-zamaan) with Islamic Scholars Jowad al-Ansari and Alamdar Zaidi and Convert Andrew Israel. This episode continues the conversation with Robert Singer, #9 below in the list of thinkers who are saying the “end” is 2023.

Robert is one of the few end times researchers who has an explanation for, why if 2023 is the “end,” we are not in the tribulation that should have begun at the end of 2015.

Mr. Singer, a researcher who specializing in eschatology was on my show in 2013  talking about mass casualty conspiracy incidents.  Singer has been a featured author on a number of alternative news websites, worked as an investigator/researcher for various law firms,  was hired as a private investigator by Kayne WEST and one of the San Bernardino shooting victim’s families.

For an overview of Robert Singer’s approach to eschatology, read Is Mankind’s Destiny Foretold? | Cosmic Convergence: 2012 and Beyond.




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