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Meryl Nass on Fake Science vs. Vax Death Count

Dr. Meryl Nass

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Medical doctor and biowar expert Meryl Nass sorts through the inadequate data on adverse events following COVID vaccinations, and contradictory reports on whether the vaccines raise or lower life expectancy, and uncovers disturbing facts that appear to have been deliberately concealed. Is the big pharma funded pro-vax lobby placing lies and deceptions in major scientific journals? Dr. Nass writes: “This is some of the fake science that needs to be called out. (Super Cheat Klein is one of the authors.) And this.”

We’ll also discuss this new study suggesting that the incidence of myopericarditis post-vaccination is “markedly higher” than the CDC claims. And we’ll examine some of this week’s headlines including “Indiana life insurance CEO says deaths are up 40% among people ages 18-64” and “How to verify for yourself that over 150,000 Americans have been killed by the COVID vaccines.”

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