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Daniel Estulin and Ellen Brown on Global Economic Implosion

Bestselling author Daniel Estulin argues that there has been no real US or global economic growth over the past 40 years, and that we are now entering a negative growth environment—for which the COVID crisis was conjured up as a scapegoat: “174 countries have shown negative growth over the past 12 months…Today’s systemic collapse has no solution, other than wash your hands and start again. And there’s no way to do this other than global force majeure. It could be global thermonuclear war, it could be an asteroid, it could be Godzilla…” Or it could be COVID! “That’s exactly it.”

Ellen Brown has a slightly different take. She says “There has always been room for growth…I’m always hopeful that there are new inventions left to be discovered, like free energy. But as to what Daniel was saying, at the Jackson Hole meeting of central bankers in August-September 2019, Mark Carney was saying that we need a new Bretton Woods moment, we need to redo the financial system, and we obviously need somebody other than the US to supply the reserve currency. And that’s when they presented the Going Direct Plan. Four Black Rock, people, three of them were former central bankers, said that central banks were out of tools; just raising interest rates wouldn’t do it; therefore the central bankers should also be in control of fiscal policy. To his credit, Jerome Powell (declined)…
…Now 15 oil and gas states are threatening to pull their money out of the Wall Street banks, which are planning to cut off fossil fuels and only make loans for renewable energy.”

Ellen Brown agrees Daniel Estulin that the Great COVID Lockdown “was an excuse to shut down all the businesses so they could start over with a new model. But now the businesses are reopening, supposedly because people have been vaccinated. So they need something else. Now they’re using global warming for leverage. Klaus Schwab said the IMF and the World Bank need to re-envision their role, so instead of using debt to crush emerging markets and make them privatize and give up their resources, now they will use the alleged global warming crisis…”

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