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LIVE RADIO! Randy Short on Shootings, Verdicts, Injections, and His New Books with Roger Stone; AK Dewdney on Truth Movement vs. Deep State (Who’s Winning?)

Listen live Fridays 8 to 10 Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at

First hour: Pastor and human rights activist Dr. Randy Short discusses the Rittenhouse/Arbery shootings and verdicts; the COVID-19 pandemic and associated injections; the Waukesha SUV attack; and his new books (co-authored with Roger Stone) Slavery’s Mastery: The Impact of Religious Slavery Revealed and Spartacus: The Real Corey Booker Story.

Randy Short is not just a co-author, but also a spiritual advisor to newly religious Roger Stone, who has been subpoenaed to testify to the House committee investigating January 6th. MSM coverage has been hysterical in both senses of the word: “The select panel on Monday subpoenaed known conspiracy theorist and radio host Alex Jones as well as Roger Stone, a longtime confidant of former President Trump…’They’ve clearly demonstrated a willingness if not a propensity to lie. Roger Stone was convicted of lying to Congress — and testifying before Congress is the exact thing they’d be asking him to do — and of course Alex Jones is a Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist and 9/11 denier’…said Barbara McQuade, who served as a U.S. attorney during the Obama administration.”

Throwing around ad hominems like “known conspiracist” and “9/11 denier” is par for the course in the MSM these days. That’s why you’re listening to this show!

Second hour: Mathematics and science professor and Sufism-oriented Muslim A.K. Dewdney ponders:

“I am increasingly sceptical these days when I read reports from otherwise (seemingly) reliable activists that ‘The Deep State Is In a Panic,’ or ‘This is a game-changer’ or ‘Deep state retreats’ or ‘VAX plan failing’ and on and on and on. Such assessments may give comfort to some, but they serve no one’s real interest on our side of the curtain. This might make an interesting topic especially in the context of a Progress Report. i.e. ‘How are we doing, really?’ Is there a systematic way we can make such assessments?”

And what does Dewdney think of Alan Sabrosky’s claim that the truth movement failed? Tune in and see!

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