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FFWN: Support Bodily Autonomy! (with Swami Beyondanonda)

Broadcasts live 11 to noon Eastern Saturdays — watch the full uncensored version above, or a shorter version on my YouTube channel  (where the broadcast begins after story #5)

Guest host: Swami/Steve of WakeUpLaughing


1) Help FFWN support bodily autonomy!

“Medical Misinformation”

2) ‘Trump counties’ had over 3 times more COVID deaths than ‘Biden counties’ in October according to a new report

3) Higher Vaccination Rates = Slightly More COVID (68 countries and 2947 US counties)

4) CDC Hits New Lows With Two Manipulated Studies

5) Highly-vaccinated Vermont has more COVID-19 cases than ever. Why is this happening?

Gruesome Newsom?

6) With Newsom Still MIA Rumors of Adverse Reaction to Vaccine Booster Run Rampant

7) Conspiracy Theorists Baselessly Claim Gavin Newsom Was Injured by COVID Booster

COVID Politics

8) Hundreds of Thousands Go on Four-Day Nationwide Strike Over Vaccine Mandates

9) Great News: Biden’s Vaccine Mandate is Falling Apart!

10) Smoking Gun: The NIH said last year that it granted nonexclusive licenses to a number of companies to use the spike protein


11) RIP John Stadtmiller: He Sparked 9/11 Truth Movement—and Gave Me My Start in Radio

12) William Hurt on facing the truth of 9/11

13) A veteran (Korey Rowe of Loose Change) helped spread viral 9/11 conspiracy theories. Can he start over?

14) Twenty years after 9/11 more than 2700 U.S. veterans call for a new investigation

15) American Muslims file lawsuit claiming FBI spied on them after 9/11

Foreign Policy

16) The US is Set to Make Nuclear War More Likely

17) The Facebook Team that Tried to Swing Nicaragua’s Election is Full of U.S. Spies

Zionist Entity

18) They got hacked with NSO spyware. Now Israel wants Palestinian activists’ funding cut

19) US blacklists maker of Pegasus spyware that helps governments spy on activists

20) Israel to hold world’s first drill to test readiness for new Covid variant

21) Son of Libyan warlord reported to visit Israel offer ties in return for backing

Self-Defense and Common Sense

22) ‘I didn’t do anything wrong. I defended myself’

23) Trump justified his supporters calling to hang Mike Pence at the Capitol riot, saying it’s ‘common sense’

Extreme Wealth

24) Make extreme wealth extinct: it’s the only way to avoid climate breakdown

25) Corporate giants are raising prices even as they rake in record profits. How can this be? Because of their unchecked power

This Week in History

26) 10 Reasons Why The Paris Terrorist Attack Could Be A False Flag Operation

27) Trial of 20 men accused in 2015 Paris (FALSE FLAG) attacks begins

28) Historical Anniversary News: November 7 1775 — Dunmore’s Proclamation freed the slaves during the American Revolution

Long Farts and Giant Pink Hotdogs

29) Camilla Parker Bowles can’t stop talking about Joe Biden’s ‘long fart’

30) Camilla Parker Bowles tried to “dislike” Biden’s fart but YouTube wouldn’t let her

31) Pfizer sees the human brain as a giant pink hot dog science as a gray alien and “wild conspiracy theories” as a green birthday balloon

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