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LIVE RADIO! Poet-Scholar Tom Breidenbach on Vaccine Letter to Family & Friends; Comedian Mona Shaikh on Hollywood/Pakistan Culture Clash & the Rise of the Desi Girls

Listen live Fridays 8 to 10 Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at

First hour: Poet, academician, and 9/11 truth advocate Tom Breidenbach recently penned “A Letter to my Family and Friends” that begins:  “I know many of you have taken the Covid-19 vaccines. I do not wish to alarm you, yet my conscience compels me to share with you concerns about the vaccines that have been voiced by prominent scientists and doctors as well as by journalists and researchers…” (Read the rest at Tom’s new Substack.)

Tom Breidenbach has analyzed 9/11 as a human sacrifice, developed that analysis in twin books of poetry, and elaborated on the insights of literary anthropologist René Girard regarding the ubiquity of scapegoating and sacrifice.

Second hour: Pakistani-American comedian Mona Shaikh is the founder of Minority Reportz, “the best and most diverse f****** Stand-Up Comedy Show in the country!”

According to her latest press release:

“Since she arrived in America, Mona has moved the needle in fighting social and political causes from civil rights to uncivil male behavior issues amongst fellow comics. Mona has a South Asian sensibility with strong Americanized values cherishing the First Amendment—the right to bear witness with a big freedom-loving mouth that raises eyebrows and temperatures.”

What does Mona, a self-described “naughty Muslim” and First Amendment advocate, think about the issues and perspectives we cover here at Truth Jihad Radio? Tune in and find out.




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