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Alan Sabrosky Discusses Internet Censorship—and Announces His Retirement (from Doing Interviews Like This)

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Dr. Alan Sabrosky USMC, “most censored man in America,” former head of Strategic Studies, US Army War College, returns to Truth Jihad Radio with politically incorrect takes a long list of issues, starting with 9/11—the topic that brought him to my radio show in 2010 to debut his “Israel did it” interpretation of the mother of all false flags.

Dr. Sabrosky is not happy about the current state of the Union. “It’s like being the navigator on the Titanic…(today’s America is) somewhere between a sewer and a train wreck. And the thing that’s bothered me most is that younger people, whatever they verbally profess, do not give any evidence of having the courage to stand up for their words. They’re great at talking, they’re great at protesting one side or the other. If they’re conservatives, at wringing their hands. But they let 2020 go past them, with all of its tragedy, and they did nothing.”

“One Marine lieutenant colonel, the poor bastard, stood up and called for his leaders, political and military, to be held to account. And he was jailed. Now he’s out of jail, but he’s going to be charged in a special court martial. Not one other officer in the Marine Corps has stood up and spoken on his behalf. Not one. That is a total abdication of moral courage…”

Dr. Sabrosky compares the current state of America to the collapsing Roman Empire as described in Eagle in the Snow by Wallace Breem. I ask if barbarian decadence is overrunning American civilization. His answer:

“It’s not so much barbarian decadence. It’s a dedicated Jewish authoritarianism. I think the first chip in the edifice of free speech, came when it became either illegal, or impossible, to critique the myth of the Holocaust.” (Dr. Sabrosky’s remark that he expresses his Jewish identity through cuisine not foreign policy also applies to his interpretations of World War II history.)

Alongside the bad news that Dr. Sabrosky is retiring from interviews, he breaks the good news that he is working on no less than three articles and intends to publish more even while talking less.

One Thought to “Alan Sabrosky Discusses Internet Censorship—and Announces His Retirement (from Doing Interviews Like This)”

  1. Annelies

    What an honour to have had the last interview with this great mind, Kevin. He will be dearly missed for his wisdom, wit and courage. Sad to hear him express his defeatism as to 9(11, even though I agree. But please don’t go away completely, Dr Sabrosky; the top of the Titanic is still above water and needs you on the bridge! From one of the European passengers.

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