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FFWN: Night of the Living Vaxxed

Broadcasts live 11 to noon Eastern Saturdays — watch the full uncensored version above, or a shorter version on my YouTube channel  (where the broadcast begins after story #8)


1) Give FFWN a boost! (not a booster)

2) Coming Up Oct 31st–Global Live Stream on Terror False Flags

Calls to Action

3) Worldwide Walkouts Nov. 3

4) Let’s go! Call to action, part 2, CDC: Don’t Experiment on Children!

Stuff You Can’t Talk About on Youtube

5) YouTube UNCENSORS False Flag Weekly News…Or at least semi-uncensors us, anyway

6) FDA Panel Endorses Pfizer Shots for 5- to 11-Year-Olds Experts Say Vaccine for Kids Is ‘Unnecessary Premature and Will Do More Harm Than Good’

7) Joel Hirschhorn: Nearly Two Million Americans Dead in Pandemic  on Kevin’s show:

8) WaPo publishes Joel Hirschhorn’s letter promoting antibody tests

This Is Your Brain on Vaccines

9) Noam Chomsky: Lock Vaccine Skeptics In Their Homes and Deprive Them of Food

10) Mother, may I? Americans have lost their spines if they need Fauci’s blessing to gather for the holidays

11) With no Covid Pass, my wife and I are banished from society. We have no income. 

12) Bipartisan legislators demand answers from Fauci on alleged puppy experiments

Escape from New York

13) ‘We will not comply!’: NYC workers protest vax mandate with march across Brooklyn Bridge

14) Nets briefly put Barclays Center on lockdown after protest for Kyrie Irving turns ugly

Trump Effect

15) TRUMP EFFECT: Whopping 60 Percent of Republicans Think 2020 Election Should Be ‘Overturned’

16) Meet Ray Epps: The Fed-Protected Provocateur Who Appears To Have Led The Very First 1/6 Attack On The U.S. Capitol

17) EXCLUSIVE: Jan. 6 Protest Organizers Say They Participated in ‘Dozens’ of Planning Meetings With Members of Congress and White House Staff 

18) Garland defends memo on threats against school board officials


19) Rémy Daillet: Conspiracist charged over alleged French coup plot

20) Why people believe Covid conspiracy theories: could folklore hold the answer?

21) Out-Thought, Out-Bought, Out-Fought: Why the “9/11 Truth” Movement Failed (Alan Sabrosky)


22) ‘An outrage against democracy’: JFK’s nephews urge Biden to reveal assassination records

23) Was Radical Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone Murdered to Secure Republican Control of the United States Senate?

24) Was the 1949 “Suicide” of Defense Secretary James Forrestal the First Major Domestic Political Assassination of the Emerging U.S. Deep State After WWII? 

War on China

25) Nuclear arms race ‘stupid,’ Beijing will make sure it can destroy US just ‘ONCE’ – Chinese media boss

26) ‘Taiwan has no right to join United Nations’: China slams US after Blinken says he regrets Taipei’s absence from world body

Eco Eeek!

27) What L.A. County will look like with sea level rise, according to scientific projections 

28) Every single Bitcoin transaction—even buying a latte—consumes over $100 in electricity, says a new report


29) US conservation group to drop Audubon name over ‘pain’ caused by slaveholder

Love Those Billionaires

30) Pierre Omidyar’s Financing of the Facebook “Whistleblower” Campaign Reveals a Great Deal 

31) Trump bashes Democrats’ new billionaire-tax plan and suggests he might flee the US but will ‘stick it out’

32) Buyer of Jeffrey Epstein’s Gulfstream Jet Wants His Money Back—Underage Girls Not Included as Promised

ETs vs. Nukes

33) Former Air Force chief claims he once saw UFO firing at nuke missiles launched from secret base

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