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Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould Expose Political Assassinations and War-Trigger Provocations

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Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould call The Valediction – Three Nights of Desmond “a novelized memoir.” It details their 1980s discovery that neoconservatives and allied members of the War Party were mounting an ongoing coup d’état against American democracy. (That coup would come to full fruition with the 2001 9/11 false flag atrocity, but that’s another story.)

The Valediction begins in 1980, when Ted Kennedy was challenging malaise-plagued president Jimmy Carter for the Democratic nomination. Spearheading the Kennedy campaign was former congressman Allard Lowenstein, “the driving force behind Robert Kennedy’s election campaign in 1968.” Lowenstein told Fitzgerald:

“Get Ted elected and we’ll finally bring those CIA sons of bitches that killed Jack and Bobby to justice. ‘Since you’re family I can tell you this. We know who did it and people are willing to talk,’ he said. ‘But we need the presidency to protect them.’”

Shortly thereafter Lowenstein was murdered by a mentally ill (MK-Ultra?) acquaintance.

After the Lowenstein (and Kennedy) assassinations open the book, the action moves to Afghanistan, where another political killing—the mysterious murder of American ambassador Adolph Dubs on Valentine’s Day 1979—triggered the chain of events that led to the Soviet invasion and US-supported resistance. The Valediction follows Fitzgerald and Gould as they travel to Afghanistan to make documentary films on the 1980s war and gradually learn that the dominant US media narrative is a propaganda charade..and that Dubs almost certainly was murdered not by the Russian or Afghan governments, as neocon propaganda suggested, but by the drug dealing wing of the CIA working on behalf of the war party in a successful war-trigger false flag.

And it gets deeper. Behind the neocons and their War Party, Fitzgerald and Gould suggest, is a millennial conspiracy aimed at establishing a one-world government in Occupied Jerusalem.

I think they’re barking up the right tree. Listen and see if you agree.

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