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Jim Hogue and Rowan Millar Discuss 9/11-COVID and Vaccine Mandates

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Long-time 9/11 activist, poet, and Vermont secessionist Jim Hogue, author of the classic “Ballad of Ladder Five,” is fired up to resist the escalating vaccine mandates: “I hope they move into soft-target Vermont first with these draconian plans.  Maybe there are more of us than we think who will stand up to them.  My guess is that they may have hit a wall of resistance, and Biden is just the spokesman to get us to the bottom of the barrel of the obedient cowards.  Those few who are left might find the courage to do some powerful work.  Remember what the X marine said, more or less.  ‘If you try to force me to get the vax, I will kill you.’ I suggest we bone up on those exemption documents and notices of liability that are going around.”

Also joining the show is 9/11-COVID info-activist and 9/11 Truth Film Festival attendee Rowan Millar.


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