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Attorney Thomas Willcutts Cross-Examines Ron Unz’s COVID Origins Theory

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Attorney Thomas Willcutts discusses his new article “Ron Unz’s COVID-19 Bioweapon “Blowback” Theory Is Not Supported by the Best Logic and Evidence.” Though I agree with Unz more than Willcutts, I want to hear the best available counterarguments. After all, the best way to get at the truth (absent direct personal experience) is free and fearless debate.

In his article, Part 1 of what will be a two-part series, Thomas Willcutts argues that the global COVID-19 pandemic did not emerge as unintended blowback from a US neocon attack on China and Iran, as Run Unz has argued, but instead was the intended result of a larger plan by an international bankster elite. Part 2 will address more specific critiques of Unz’s theory and question the “US is waging pre-emptive war on China” Thucydides paradox scenario that supports it.

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