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LIVE RADIO! Eric Walberg on “America’s defeat in Afghanistan: Divine justice?” Attorney Thomas Willcutts Cross-Examines Ron Unz’s COVID Origins Theory

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First hour: Is America’s defeat in Afghanistan divine justice? I raised that question in today’s khutbah (Muslim sermon). And Eric Walberg has also raised it in his new article of that title. Eric cites the Book of Daniel about how “the handwriting was on the wall” for Belshazzar’s empire, applies it to the Soviet and American invasions of Afghanistan, and concludes: “So these latter-day Persians/ Pashtuns first defeated the Soviet anti-empire. But then went on to defeat the Empire itself, a much greater achievement. No farce here. The Soviets suffered from hubris, thinking they could make the world a better place. Now this humiliation is being meted on the Americans.”

Second hour: Attorney Thomas Willcutts discusses his new article “Ron Unz’s COVID-19 Bioweapon “Blowback” Theory Is Not Supported by the Best Logic and Evidence.” Though I agree with Unz more than Willcutts, I want to hear the best available counterarguments. After all, the best way to get at the truth (absent direct personal experience) is free and fearless debate.

In his article, Part 1 of what will be a two-part series, Thomas Willcutts argues that the global COVID-19 pandemic did not emerge as unintended blowback from a US neocon attack on China and Iran, as Run Unz has argued, but instead was the intended result of a larger plan by an international bankster elite. Part 2 will address more specific critiques of Unz’s theory and question the “US is waging pre-emptive war on China” Thucydides paradox scenario that supports it.

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