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Charles Upton on “Covenants” and Muslim-Christian Breakthroughs

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Topic of today’s khutba: “Islam, more than other religions, acknowledges and affirms the Other. We Muslims accept that other religious communities have their rites and we have ours, and that God will judge.” The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad support that interpretation.

Noted poet and traditionalist author and activist Charles Upton of the Covenants Initiative returns to Truth Jihad Radio to discuss several recent publications:

“1) Islam and the People of the Book: Critical Studies on the Covenants of the Prophet. Three volume encyclopedic work now found in the collections of over 500 research universities, which is outstanding for such a specialized field. It will make the Covenants of the Prophet available to laypeople and scholars for generations to come. Includes the Six Covenants in over a dozen languages.

2) The Messenger of Mercy: The Covenants of Coexistence from the Prophet of Pluralism, has been published by Sanbun Publishers in New Dehli. This brings to Covenants of the Prophet to the second largest English-speaking audience in the world, the Indo-Pakistani subcontinent. Easy, accessible work, for all readers.

3) Craig Considine’s People of the Book: Prophet Muhammad’s Encounters with Christians will be released in July. Published by Hurst and Oxford University Press.   This brings the Covenants into the mainstream of academia. These are well respected publishers. The book is well-written, well-argued, accessible, and inspired.

4) Dr. Abdarrahman Abu al-Majd’s recent article on the Covenant of the Prophet with John, son of Ru’bah, the bishop and leader of Aylah. He was martyred and crucified by Heraclius for refusing to break the covenant he entered with Muhammad. This was published in the special edition of the journal Religions on the letters, treaties, and covenants of the Prophet. The fact that a major, top tier, journal has published a special edition on the Covenants of the Prophet represents a milestone.

5) No Fear Shall be Upon Them: Promoting the Islamic Interfaith Initiative has been sent to the publisher, Cambridge Scholars, in the UK. This chronicles the Covenants Initiative from 2013 until 2019. It features all the speeches, sermons, lectures, articles, that I (Dr. Morrow) delivered/published all over the world.”

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