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Moti Nissani: Death to Oligarchs!

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Moti Nissani is one of the most knowledgable and outspoken academic opponents of the American Deep State and the oligarchy that owns it. His “Encyclopedia of Domestic Assassinations” lists more than 40 of the Deep State’s political murders of domestic opponents, while “Who Rules the Anglosphere?” exposes the nature and identity of the psychopathic oligarchs who dominate the West’s fake democracies.

In this conversation Prof. Nissani explains the difference between oligarchy and democracy, explains why direct democracy (as advocated by the late Senator Mike Gravel) is the only real kind, and suggests that only a violent revolution targeting the oligarchs will make American democracy possible.

Moti Nissani holds a Ph.D. in genetics and has taught zoology, biology, mathematics, psychology, history, human ecology, and elephants.

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