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LIVE RADIO! Ray McGinnis on New 9/11 Book “Unanswered Questions”; Ralph Cinque on film “The Pro Bono Watchman” and the JFK Ice Bullet Theory

Listen live Fridays 8 to 10 Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at

First hour: Ray McGinnis, author of Writing the Sacred, has just come out with a new book about 9/11. Entitled Unanswered Questions: What the September Eleventh Families Asked and the 9/11 Commission Ignored, it “explores the efforts of the Family Steering Committee and other September Eleventh family members, and first responders, to have a transparent, accountable, and independent investigation into the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.” A few days ago Ray McGinnis posted a list of resources for those wishing to learn more about the first responders’ and family members’ quest for truth and justice.

Second hour: Ralph Cinque of the Oswald Innocence Campaign and scriptwriter for the forthcoming film The Pro Bono Watchman (watch the trailer) thinks JFK got iced…literally. He argues for a new interpretation of the (edited-by-the-perps) Zapruder film, claiming that the first shot hit JFK’s back earlier than the official story and edited film depict, which shot consisted of an ice flechette that released a nerve agent paralyzing the president as the limousine slowed down for the kill zone. Sounds crazy? Maybe…but not nearly as crazy as the official magic bullet theory!

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