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Christopher Fogarty on Irish Holocaust Denial

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Christopher Fogarty discusses his recently-revised book Ireland 1845-1850: The Perfect Holocaust and Who Kept It “Perfect”. The book presents detailed evidence supporting its claim that millions of Irish, the best estimate being 5.2 million, were murdered by the British government between 1845 and 1850. Contrary to the Irish Holocaust deniers’ claims of a mythical “potato famine,” Fogarty argues that potatoes were merely one item among Ireland’s copious production of foodstuffs, most of which were confiscated for export by British landlords backed by private militias, a British-loyal  constabulary, and 67 of the British Empire’s 126 regiments. And since the British (unlike the Germans) weren’t smart enough to bury their millions of victims in bogs, dig up the sodden corpses, burn them, and rebury them—a process proven to eliminate all traces of Holocaust victims—the remains of millions of Irish victims are still lying in mass graves (many  marked by monuments) and available for forensic examination.

Fogarty’s book features a “Mass Graves of Ireland” map showing the locations of more than 100 mass graves, the places where each of the 67 British regiments was stationed, and the ports where British merchant ships absconded with Ireland’s food supplies. Documentation of the food removal relies on contemporaneous reports in the London Times (the newspaper of record) and Limerick Intelligencer, as well as in British governmental and military records, all cited by Fogarty with painstaking specificity.

Though surely one of the best-documented holocausts in history, the Irish Holocaust is denied by the current Irish and British governments, and denied and/or obfuscated by the majority of professional historians.

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