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Randy Short asks: Are special ops sparking Chicago gang murders?

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Washington, DC based activist and pastor Dr. Randy Short is circulating a letter from Rev. Martin Hunter and activist Paul McKinley to Sen. Timothy Scott requesting an investigation of allegations that US Special Forces ops have been selling military-grade weapons to Chicago gangs and inciting violence there. Could such things really happen? Ask Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Gary Webb, who broke the story of the CIA running heroin into African-American neighborhoods. (Actually, we can’t ask Gary Webb, since he died of a two-bullet-to-the-head “suicide.”)

Is Dr. Short pushing a “conspiracy theory”? No, it’s a conspiracy felony charge! Check out the news story “3 US Army Soldiers Accused of Illegally Selling Weapons Used in Chicago Shootings.” (Conspiracy is the most-charged federal crime…which makes federal prosecutors and judges America’s leading “conspiracy theorists.”)

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