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Conversation with Rasheed Muhammad Pt. 2: Neocon-Zionist Role in 9/11

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What roles did neoconservatism (the Straussian atheistic political philosophy of the Big Lie) and Zionism (the messianic-millennarian project dedicated to creating and maintaining  a Jewish state in Palestine) play in 9/11? Why are there double-standards governing what can and can’t be said about Jews on the one hand, and Muslims on the other? How has the sacred story of the Holocaust been used to legitimize the genocide of Palestine? Do those who dish out preposterous lies to the masses, as taught by Leo Strauss, actually believe their own BS—or are they secretly enjoying duper’s delight?

These are some of the questions considered in this, the second part of my latest interview with Rasheed Muhammad of the Red Pill Diaries podcast.  (Listen to Part 1 of this interview.)

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