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Ken Meyercord INSISTS on talking about the Holocaust

Listen HERE

Ken Meyercord—like fellow Truth Jihad Radio regular Randy Short—seems to be running for the office of “most dangerous man in DC.”  Ken’s cable access TV show (check out the Holocaust episode) has focused on the same kinds of topics we cover here. And when he isn’t butchering sacred cows on Washington DC-area cable TV, Ken may be found at think tank seminars, speeches, book-signings and similar events raising the hard questions and making the denizens of our nation’s capital uncomfortable.

I recently invited Ken back on the radio to discuss his views on the likely US military origin of COVID-19. Ken responded tardily: “Sorry for the delay. I’ve been out of town and incommunicado. You may recall that I made it a prerequisite for my being on your show that we first do an episode on the Holocaust. As that requirement has not been met, I wouldn’t have accepted your offer, even had I received it in time.”

OK, Ken, let’s talk about the Holocaust! Here is Ken’s brochure on the subject, which he encourages folks to print and distribute: DID THE HOLOCAUST REALLY HAPPEN – pdf

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