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LIVE RADIO! Zeshan Shahbaz vs. Khutbah-Vax, Gideon Polya on Quds Day, Rolf Lindgren on “Vaxxed for Trump,” Eric Walberg on Islamic View of Solzhenitsyn

Listen live Fridays 8 to 10 Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at

First 15 minutes: Zeshan Shahbaz pushes back against the National Khutbah Campaign to Increase Vaccine Confidence, which is pressuring all Muslim imams across Canada to deliver pro-vax khutbahs (sermons). He writes: “This heretical organization CMCTF ought to be investigated and its money trail exposed for publicly promoting this haraam intervention….Can you please share the following to as many fellow Muslims and other Imams as possible: Declarations and public endorsements/acknowledgement of the Haraam nature of Vaccines by various Ulema organizations.”   Zeshan Shahbaz is a correspondent with The Ummah Times which is an Islamic news and analysis platform.

Next 30 minutes: Gideon Polya discusses the April 27 Human Rights Watch report that blasted Israeli apartheid, and shares his views of Quds Day, the final Friday of Ramadan (May 7 this year). Quds Day is the day Muslims commemorate their dedication to the liberation of the Zionist-occupied holy city of Jerusalem-al-Quds. From my forthcoming Crescent International article:

In 2020, due to pandemic restrictions, large gatherings could not be held in most countries. So activists instead launched the #FlyTheFlag campaign calling on people to publicly display the Palestinian flag during the week-long run-up to Quds Day, then post about it with the hashtag #FlyTheFlag. (As well as #QudsDay , etc.)

The same campaign continues this year. Since Quds Day falls on Friday May 7, 2021 (Ramadan 25, 1442 h.) people will be flying Palestinian flags from May 1 to May 7. Organizers at posted the following instructions:

  1. Take a picture or video of yourself with the Palestine flag.
  2. Share it on your social media with the hashtag #FlyTheFlag, #QudsDay , etc.
  3. Tag your friends and family asking them to do the same!

Next 10 minutes: Pro-Trump Republican activist Rolf Lindgren calls in to explain why he (unlike many other pro-Trump folks) got vaxxed.

Second hour: Canadian Muslim Eric Walberg discusses his new article “Ramadan musings: Solzhenitsyn — everybody’s pain in the neck.” Eric writes:

“Solzhenitsyn gave no thought to Islam, even though it was clear to all that a genuine theocracy, Solzhenitsyn’s implied ‘good society’, came about on the Soviet Union’s southern border, even as the faux communist utopias (both the Soviet Union and Afghanistan) were disintegrating. Shia Iran pretty much fills Solzhenitsyn’s checklist. Though persecuted, Iran was distant enough and with a strong enough culture to resist the capitalist trap, and its 1979 revolution was overwhelmingly popular, unlike the mini-revolution in Afghanistan in 1978, which was really more a palace coup.”


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