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Jim Hogue on “fictitious scams to push the narrative”

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Note: this show begins with a brief commentary on YouTube censoring yesterday’s False Flag Weekly News. Then Jim Hogue describes how he was forced off the air after two decades at a college radio station for saying that he was boycotting Israel. Since free speech in America  is almost dead, should we be locking and loading and preparing for American Revolution 2.0?

Vermont activist-historian Jim Hogue recently emailed me: “I gave a talk, last August I think, on the need to create fictitious scams such as Bin Laden, the gulf of Tonkin,  and covid 19 etc in order to push the narrative. With a fictitious scam, those finding it convenient or necessary to believe the scam, may rest assured that the inability to prove a negative will keep all the believers in a state of comfort.  Those of us who tried in vain to convince people of all the negatives of 9/11 failed.  The “great” academic minds of our time (like Chomsky) use ad homonym gibberish to dismiss the truth-tellers, and never contribute anything worth a damn because they chose believe in the impossible.

Jim Hogue ran for lieutenant governor of Vermont in 2020. He is known for playing the role of American revolutionist Ethan Allen in full period costume while advocating secession, 9/11 truth, and other good causes.

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