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LIVE RADIO! Kevin & Mr. Rho Discuss Islam, Jinn, ETs, and Gnosticism, Paul Topete on Poker Face Banned From YouTube

Listen live Fridays 8 to 10 Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at my Patreon page.

First hour: Mr. Rho, who produces this show every week, shares his views on esoteric and metaphysical topics. Do aliens and/or a human breakaway civilization have a base on the far side of the moon? Or are they really ETs or jinn? Before long, we’re having a Muslim/Gnostic interfaith dialogue.

Due to a scheduling mistake, philosophy professor and practicing attorney Sterling Harwood will discuss his book chapter on the moon landing controversy next week.

Second hour: Paul Topete of the activist rock band Poker Face discusses getting banned from YouTube. Would YouTube really ban Poker Face for bashing Biden and supporting Trump?  For looking kindly on Q Anon? For questioning vaccines? Talking about 9/11, the NWO, and other forbidden topics? Who knows. YouTube censors never explain what they’re objecting to.

I agree with some of Paul Topete’s views, disagree with others, but admire his courage and commitment—and am disgusted by the censors who think banning ideas will make them go away.


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