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FFWN: Whence COVID? Why Is It Hitting Some Countries Harder than Others? (with John Hankey)

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With John Hankey, director of the documentary  COVID-19 Inside Job


1) Help FFWN stand up for our right to breathe a word of truth…and just plain breathe

2) Newly discovered eyewitness account puts NIST in a corner on WTC 7 explosions

Colorado False Flag?

3) Suspect in Colorado grocery store shooting faces 10 counts of murder, police say

4) Boulder Smells Like Another False Flag

5) Newsweek equates QAnon “nobody died” disinfo with term “false flag”

6) Mainstream Media Exposed Coordinating Identical Mass Shooting Narratives for Different States 

7) False Flag Muslim Patsy in Colorado Supermax—Zhokhar Tsarnaev—Could Still Face Execution

8) YouTube Refuses to Remove Livestreamed Video of Deadly Boulder Shooting 


9) 1 report, 4 theories: Scientists mull clues on virus’ origin 

10) Why Does the Pandemic Seem to Be Hitting Some Countries Harder Than Others? 

11) ‘Basically in a New Pandemic,’ Says Merkel, as Germany Extends Lockdown

12) First Covid, Then Psychosis: ‘The Most Terrifying Thing I’ve Ever Experienced’ 

13) Anti-lockdown protests break out in Europe amid new COVID wave  Huge London crowd sings along with anti-NWO protest song

14) After a Year Under Lockdown, Will Our Freedoms Survive the Tyranny of COVID-19?

Vaccines: Donut Do It!

15) Some long-haul covid-19 patients say their symptoms are subsiding after getting vaccines (if others say they’re getting worse you’ll never hear about it in MSM!)

16) US hails first signs of vaccine success even as cases plateau 

17) Vaccinated? Krispy Kreme will give you free doughnuts for rest of 2021

18) Krispy Kreme Now Offering 10 FREE DONUTS PER DAY to Anyone Vaccinated for COVID (satire)

War on Free Speech

19) 12 attorneys general call on Facebook and Twitter to remove anti-vaxxers from their services

20) 12 prominent people opposed to vaccines are responsible for two-thirds of anti-vaccine content online: report 

Delusions of Domination

21) Washington’s Delusion of Endless World Dominion by Alfred McCoy

22) The Iran-China Axis Is A Fast Growing Force In Oil Markets  as Iran and China prepare to sign 25 year pact

23) Bill Gates-Backed Project Aims to Сool the Planet With Tonnes of Chalk Dust


24) Evidence in Capitol Attack Most Likely Supports Sedition Charges, Prosecutor Says

25) New evidence suggests ‘alliance’ between Oath Keepers, Proud Boys ahead of Jan. 6


26) California’s climate challenge: Move fast, don’t break things

Semitic Supremacy

27) The Chinese Believe That the Jews Control America. Is That a Good Thing?

28) Pollard defends spying on US for Israel in rare interview

29) Football Is Anti-Semitic. Here’s How to Fix It. (satire)

UBIs and UFOs

30) Oakland to launch one of the largest US universal basic income programs yet

31) Upcoming UFO report will be ‘difficult to explain,’ former national intelligence official says

32) After stealing register and hitting a parked car, thief leaves cat at scene

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