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Mark Anderson on COVID & “Global Cities”: Back Door to World Government?

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The road to global tyranny runs through national governments relinquishing their sovereignty. Most opponents of the New World Order have assumed the process would be top-down. But now a consortium of oligarchs and their pet politicians are making an end run around national sovereignty from the bottom up, by unplugging the world’s biggest cities from their nations, and plugging them into a bankster-dominated Global Cities network.

Who’s behind this? The Council on Foreign Relations and its spin-offs…the Bilderbergs…the Chicago-ruling Pritzker family…the Trilateralists…the Brookings Institution…in other words, the usual suspects.

How much power do cities and their mayors really have? Do mayors run the world, as Rahm Emmanuel claims? Thanks to COVID-19, can mayors can cancel basic human rights, even Constitutional rights, impose total surveillance through AI and the Internet of Things, and bring their cities into alliances with other cities on the other side of the world, under the aegis of their oligarch sponsors?

Mark Anderson hosts the radio show STOP THE PRESSES! MWF from 2 to 3 pm Central at, aka RBN; is roving editor of American Free Press, specializing in think tanks, global cities, monetary reform and Congress; is contributing producer for which includes a Christian perspective; and blogs at

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