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9/11 Physics Debate: Were the three World Trade Center buildings demolished with nuclear devices?


In this, the eighth annual 9/11 Physics Debate sponsored by, François Roby, associate professor in physics at the Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour, and German nuclear physicist Heinz Pommer join American engineer Joseph Olson, PE to advance the 9/11 nuclear demolition hypothesis. Since all three agree that the official NIST position (“minor kerosene-kindled office fires demolished the buildings”) is absurd, and that the best and only explanation is nuclear demolition, it isn’t much of a debate. As in all previous debates, it was once again impossible to find any qualified experts to defend the official story. But we do hope to find one or more proponents of the thermite-plus-explosives hypothesis to respond to the pro-nuclear-demolition arguments advanced here. Stay tuned to Truth Jihad Radio for details.

Heinz Pommer writes:

In physics we have two sacred principles:

– energy

– momentum

From this all follows and flows. Dr. Roby proved that the energy source HAD to be nuclear. Not because of the destruction itself, but because of the energy density on site: the cooling process took at least three months (“after 100 days the fires were out”).

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