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David Rovics on Cancel Culture, Deplatforming, Social Media Dystopia…and Solutions

Audio HERE, video version above

Activist singer-songwriter David Rovics recently got hounded by a Twitter mob for supposedly “Platforming Fascists.”  His crime? Talking to ex-white-nationalist Matthew Heimbach on his YouTube channel. But wait! What’s wrong with having conversations with people whose views we don’t entirely agree with—or maybe even strongly oppose? How can we even oppose them if we don’t listen to them first, so we know what we’re opposing?  This video may trigger the same mob of narrow-minded folks who want to censor and silence other viewpoints. (Imagine their chagrin listening to me explaining to David why I have become a Holocaust agnostic!) So listen up, Twitter mob: If you want to have a rational and cordial discussion of any issue that concerns you, or if you want to explain to me why something I’ve said has offended you, or was factually wrong, or whatever, please email me at truthjihad(at)gmail(dot)com and we’ll schedule a conversation.

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