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Jeremy Rothe-Kushel and Greg McCarron on Trump as Russian/Israeli Psy-Op

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Greg McCarron and Jeremy Rothe-Kushel co-host The Antedote podcast. They argue that the Trump-Russia scandal was very real; that the Russian mafiya worked with Putin, Chabad, and Likud Zionists to impose the Trump disaster on America; and that Trump was indeed a dangerous and destructive foreign agent: “It appears to us that the Trump administration had a primary goal of lessening American influence in the Middle East as well as globally, and that this would result in a shift of global power from the west to countries such as China and Russia, with Israel at the center.”

So is the Trump-loving alt-right, so often cast as “anti-Semitic,” actually working for a Russian-Zionist plan for global domination? Should alternative media people be more skeptical of Russia in general and RT in particular?

Greg writes:

I will leave here the articles I referenced (as well as a few others) during the show:
The Putin-Netanyahu Bromance (Jeremy referenced this one)

One Thought to “Jeremy Rothe-Kushel and Greg McCarron on Trump as Russian/Israeli Psy-Op”

  1. maisoon

    Russia China and USA have been working together for years led by their political and military master, Israel. Meanwhile political theatre is played out on the political stage with the aforementioned posing as adversaries while covertly laughing at us all, many taken in by their opposing roles but in reality serving the same global controlling agenda

    All Western Leaders know this and play along with the farce
    Biden and Trump BOTH played their dutiful role for Israel and Zionist Communism- one and the same sharing the same tyrannical fascist ideologies to enslave the masses.
    Trump was used to divide America and cause a political rift between the players- the Far Right Extremists versus the Leftie Communists ironically all serving Zionists and set up and funded by them and Israel- Proud Boys, Breitbart, ANTIFA, LGBT and infiltrated Black Lives Matter along with the Marxist/Communists In America like AOC, Bernie Sanders – Biden and Trump together – whilst playing their Divide and Rule agenda to cause mayhem and chaos in US Politics in order to bring America down so that Israel, as Rabbis have stated openly,, can replace America as the New World Order Military Nuclear armed Super Power.
    Too many Republican Americans were Used and then abused By Trump betraying them, kicking them to the curve, amused watching them demonstrate at Capitol Hill, Many Israeli Jews were flown in and other Jews carrying Israeli Flags, and blowing the Jewish horns amongst the engineered Rioters with some Jews posing for photo shoots like that Jacob guy with the Trappers furs. But of course blame is re directed to the so called White Nationalists that Jews purportedly dont like because of their anti semitism when again many of them are actually PRO ISRAEL and PRO ZIONISTS!!

    China is not planning to kill all Americans with the Chinese CV 19 and transfer Chinese into America. But China HAS BEEN working with Israel Russia and America to install a ZIONIST COMMUNIST REVOLUTIONARY Government in the USA and destroy the Conservative Republic of America and destroy its religious Christian base, replacing it with ZIo Communism and Talmudic Noahide Laws., thus destroying Democracy and the Constitution.

    Israel the world’s number one Enemy and threat using its Parasites USA, UK, [DONT LEAVE OUT THE UK under Zionist occupation d=and dominance] Russia and China to initiate their Zionist world upon us with collusion from other compliant nodding dogs’ world Leaders wagging their tails in obedience
    They are all complicit in this 21st C Great reset better known as the Zionist New World Order led by a large group of minority tyrannical world Jewry

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