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Kevin Galalae on COVID-19 and the Global Depopulation Policy

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This  interview with Romanian/Canadian author-researcher Kevin Galalae was recorded on video. But if I posted it on YouTube my channel would undoubtedly be nuked. That’s because YouTube doesn’t like some of my views—so their censors would seize on things Galalae says in this interview as an excuse to shut me down.

I don’t agree with Galalea’s seemingly bizarre statements minimizing/questioning the existence and danger of COVID-19 and suggesting that much if not all of the damage attributed to it has been caused by nerve agents. Experts and evidence I give credence to don’t support such claims. But even if Kevin Galalea is wrong about some of his specific claims (and it would be surprising if he or anyone else got everything right) his larger argument about global depopulation policy is plausible and merits further investigation—as I wrote in a recent American Free Press article reproduced below.

Kevin Galalae is the author of Killing Us Softly: The Global Depopulation Policy and many other books.

COVID-19 and the Global Depopulation Policy

By Kevin Barrett, for American Free Press

What exactly is the “New World Order” (NWO)? Readers of this newspaper know that George H.W. Bush announced its advent on September 11, 1991—exactly ten years before the mother of all false flags. NWO researchers suspect that behind this nebulous yet ominous phrase lurks a plan for global governance by a handful of billionaire bankers and their hired guns.

In Confessions of an Economic Hit Man John Perkins famously exposed the NWO’s main weapon: international usury. The banksters drown the world in exponentially-increasing debt that is designed to be unpayable. When the victims start to default, the banksters threaten them with economic and perhaps even military devastation. The victims are forced to hand over real resources—oil and gas, forests, farmlands, minerals, water, and future productivity—in return for “restructuring” payments of exponential interest on imaginary money that was created out of nothing, backed by nothing.

So what is the purpose of the New World Order? Obviously the NWO’s architects intend to consolidate more and more power in their own hands. Is that power an end in itself? Of course. But the NWO’s secretive accumulation of ever-increasing power since World War II may be driven in part by a perceived emergency: global overpopulation and resource depletion.

That is the thesis of Kevin Galalae, author of Killing Us Softly: The Global Depopulation Policy. According to Galalae, the globalists have murdered half a billion people, and prevented another two billion from being born, since World War II, in what would be the greatest genocide in history by many orders of magnitude.

Some of Galalae’s claims are undisputed. For example, the Third World has obviously been hit heavily by depopulation measures. China’s one-child policy has resulted in forced abortions, 30 million unwilling bachelors, and the confiscation of children by the Communist government. India forcibly sterilized much of its rural female population. Bill Gates, the Rockefeller Foundation, and their allies have not been shy about pushing abortion, birth control, family breakdown, and socio-sexual deviance on every nation on earth that would let them in.

But those programs, Galalae asserts, are just the tip of the iceberg. Here in the West, home of the religion of democracy and individual liberty, unwary populations have not only been propagandized, dumbed down, and deliberately drowned in degeneracy, they have also been poisoned. The author claims that the demographic collapse of the West is not just cultural, but is primary the result of “chemical sterilization” by such agents as fluoridation of water and salt, BPA poisoning from plastic and metal packaging, and the spraying of aluminum, barium, and strontium from airplanes. GMO crops and glyphosates, for their part, weaken the immune system and increase mortality.

He might have added electromagnetic pollution to the list. Arthur Firstenberg’s The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life makes it clear that most of humanity is the guinea pig in a giant electrical experiment that will, in all likelihood, badly damage the human gene pool, progressively corrupting germline DNA in order to collapse the global population.

Galalae argues the NWO is waging biological warfare on many fronts. He claims HIV was developed to check the rapidly-increasing African population, while flu viruses have been researched, enhanced, and deployed to target North Asians and Westerners.

All of these programs have to be kept secret, since most people would not accept them. The depopulation war, Galalae says, is the main reason for the explosion of secrecy and the transformation of Western democracies into pseudo-democracies.

Galalae’s book casts the COVID-19 crisis in a whole new light. He notes that “economies of nations with decreasing populations are in a downward economic spiral.” Key problem: The bulge of aging baby boomers hitting retirement age. Conveniently, these expensive, unproductive “human assets” are being wiped out by the coronavirus. Was COVID-19 designed, in part, for precisely that purpose?

Advocates of the Great Reset say pandemic life should become the new normal. We should “build back better” by continuing to avoid driving, flying, going to restaurants and theaters, visiting our friends and family, and so on. Self-driving Amazon robot cars will deliver us all we need to stay alive while we permanently “shelter in place.”

Meanwhile, Bill Gates tells us “this is only Pandemic 1, just wait till you see Pandemic 2,” and suggests that vaccinations can be used to slow population growth. No wonder he is sometimes portrayed as a stock cartoon villain.

The tiny handful of people who know about the Global Depopulation Policy, and direct it, believe they are doing good—by treating humans like vermin who need to be hoodwinked, sterilized, and exterminated. They are corrupters of the Earth, but do not realize it.

We must rise up against them and demand the truth.

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