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Jonathan Simon: 2020 Election Most Fraudulent Ever? Blue Tsunami Crushed by Red Shift, 10+ Million Votes Stolen?

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The 2020 election results are disturbing to say the least—but not for the reasons trumpeted by the controlled corporate MSM. As I wrote in today’s article “Trump Didn’t Delegitimize this ‘Election’—We Did“:

“The MSM, which is under orders to never, ever mention the fact that our voting machines fabricate votes rather than counting them, is scratching its collective head over yet another epic polling fail. Even after frantically adjusting their polling methodologies nonstop for 17 years to increasingly favor Republicans, the pollsters keep coming up short. Every year, important elections show an ever-greater ‘red shift’—a gap between the way the polls say people will vote, and the ‘results’ barfed up by black-box voting machines.”

In this interview, conducted on the morning of November 4th, 2020, Jonathan Simon takes a break from crunching the numbers to deliver a powerful jeremiad against the public apathy regarding organized crime’s takeover of American elections via rigged voting  machines.

Update from Jonathan Simon, sent 6 pm Wed.:

“Just taking a quick break from crunching (preliminary President and Senate Forensics Tables E2020PollsVotecountsForensicTemplate11-3-20rev-js2 – note that many votecounts are partial, but the patterns are egregious) to weigh in on what’s happening now, which I’m not sure the media has quite cottoned to yet.
“It should be clear what Trump’s game is now: it is to litigate his way past the safe-harbor deadlines and the Electoral College meeting date (12/14 this year) and throw his election to the U.S. House. This was the game from the moment it became clear that the Democrats would fail in their long-odds attempt to gain a majority of House state delegations (some suspect House races as well; harder to get a forensic handle on).
“If/when the election goes to the House, which votes by state, Trump wins – it is as simple as that.
“As you’ve surely noticed, optics is out: they no longer give a rat’s ass what anything looks or smells like. This is pure power grabbing, desperate and existential. It remains to be seen how the judicial circus plays out but – as a once-practicing lawyer – I can tell you that they teach a third-year class in delay. Those seeking delay in court generally have the upper hand.
“Strategically, we should be aware of the game and do whatever possible to urge administrative and judicial processes to move forward at speed. I’m sorry to say the odds are probably against us, but we should at least be playing the right game.”
Jonathan D. Simon
Executive Director, Election Defense Alliance (2006 – 2016)

Dr. Jonathan Simon is author of CODE RED: Computerized Elections and the War on American Democracy-Election 2020 Edition, is Executive Director of Election Defense Alliance, and has published numerous papers on various aspects of election integrity since 2004. He has appeared in Stealing America Vote By Vote and Uncounted: The New Math Of American Elections, among other documentaries. See his website here. Dr. Simon is a graduate of Harvard College and New York University School of Law.

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