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Barbara Honegger on Reopening 2001 Anthrax Case, Pentagon Plane Controversy, JFK-9/11

Barbara Honegger worked in the Reagan White House

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Journalist and activist Barbara Honegger returns to Truth Jihad Radio. She sent this list of topics:

1) The Lawyers’ Committee’s Oct. 15th filing with all 535 Members of Congress a Petition calling for a reopening of the Anthrax Attacks investigation. The date was intentionally chosen as it’s the anniversary of the date Daschle’s aide opened one of the two letters to Senators with highly weaponized (1 trillion spores per gram) anthrax.  The documentation in the Petition effectively proves that Ivins, the ‘Lee Harvey Oswald’ patsy of the Anthrax attacks, not only did not do it but could not have done it.  I am on the LC Research and Drafting Committee for all the Petitions in addition to being on the Board and an officer.  On the LC ‘team’ for this Petition, amongst others, are Richard Lambert, the head of the FBI’s entire Amerithrax investigation for four years who became a whistleblower and filed a lawsuit against the Agency; as well as many of Bruce Ivins’ microbiologist associates at Ft. Detrick who have provided sworn statements as to why he couldn’t have been the Anthrax killer.  Also exciting is the LC’s appeal of the lawsuit against AG Barr and FBI Director Wray for the cover up of the 9/11 Review Commission to the D.C. federal appeals court which has scheduled oral arguments for Dec. 9th, the live audio of which should be public — we’re checking on this and I’ll let you know if that’s for sure and how to listen.  Also,  one of the LC’s FOIA lawsuits re WTC7 is now with the judge who delegated recommending how he should rule to a magistrate judge who came back against the Gov’t and for us.  As they say, the wheels of justice turn slowly but all of these are extremely positive and exciting developments.  Links: The Anthrax Attacks: Holy Grail of 9/11 Truth and Justice: Barbara Honegger Presentation to Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth Sept. 11, 2020 Anniversary Conference From 3:05:45 to 3:27:46 “Anthrax War, An Investigation Into Biowarfare”  ;  Engineering Contagion: UPMC, Corona-Thrax and ‘The Darkest Winter’ by Whitney Webb 

2) The highlights ofmy rebuttal of the claims and interpretations of Chandler et al. in their Pentagonvideorecently discussed on this show.  My rebuttal video takes screen shots from their video and rebuts their claims one by one.  You asked if there were key photos that could be posted.  I recommend two main ones.  The first (below) is the most important photo in the entire Pentagon debate, used by both Chandler-Coste et al and myself but to reach 180 degree opposite conclusions.  The red circle in this Photo is the c. 12-1/2 foot diameter of the nose of a 757, the center of which,  squarely on Column 14, is literally ‘The Bulls Eye’ of where the  Official Story itself claims a 2,000 ton 757 going at over 550 mph  hit the wall coming in at a c. 45 degree diagonal angle from the right/south, and yet COLUMN 14 ITSELF IS CLEARLY NOT ONLY STILL IN PLACEBUT STILL ESSENTIALLY VERTICAL  !!!  This of course is physically impossible if the official story, this part of which they explicitly support, were true.

The second attachment shows the melted Cockpit Voice Recorder/CVR of alleged Flight 77.  Right after the Pentagon/FBI released this photo on c. Sept. 14th claiming that it was from Flight 77, American Airlines put out an official press release that it could not have been from anyAA 757 — or any AA commercial airliner — on 9/11 as it was the ‘wrong kind’ of CVR for any of their operational planes at that time.  Chandler et al. strongly rely on the Flight Data Recorder/FDR data that the official story and they claim is from a plane that hit the wall exactly where the red circle is in the first attached photo. But a CVR and FDR are together in the tail of a commercial airliner, so as the CVR couldn’t have been from Flight 77 the FDR and its data they rely on couldn’t have been either.  This is all in addition to the many other compelling and converging lines of evidence in ‘Smoke Curtain’ and in my rebuttal video that whatever plane was destroyed at the Pentagon — and there was one  — happened over 5 minutes before the official story alleged impact time at the red circle and 120 to 150 feet further to the left/north  along the wall at/by the Heliport from the alleged impact point they advocate for.  Chandler-Coste et al. have had my rebuttal video for over a year and a half and have never addressed it.  They  just repeat what they’ve already put out, including their latest slightly shorter video that you had Chandler on the show recently about.

3) The highlights of my Presentation — “Striking Parallels Between the JFK and 9/11 Cover Ups” — to the JFK Assassination Conference tomorrow, Nov. 20th, organized and hosted by Judyth  Vary Baker, Lee Harvey Oswald’s partner, which will be my fourth consecutive presentation at the annual Event.


1)Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry Anthrax Attacks Petition to Congress

2)Anthrax Links to the Day of 9/11 Itself – Barbara Honegger – OpEdNews, Sept. 25, 2008

Misprint note: The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) press conference on anthrax was Sept. 4, not Sept. 9, 2001.

3) Barbara Honegger’s Rebuttal Video to the Chandler-Coste Video

4) ‘Behind The Smoke Curtain: What Happened at the Pentagon on 9/11, and What Didn’t, and Why It Matters’ – Barbara Honegger

Barbara Honegger, M.S. is a Board Member, Officer and on the Petition Research and Drafting Committees of the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry.  From Sept. 11th 2001 Barbara has been a leading investigative journalist, author, public speaker and activist on the events of 9/11 with emphasis on the Pentagon attack, including presentations in the U.S. Europe and Canada. She has served in a number of high level Government positions including White House Policy Analyst, Special Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy, Director of the Attorney General’s Law Review at the Department of Justice, and for more than a decade was the Senior Military Affairs Journalist at the Naval Postgraduate School, the premiere science, technology and national security affairs graduate research university of the Department of Defense.  Barbara is also a national whistleblower. Her pioneering book October Surprise, the first   by almost three years and subsequently confirmed by formerly classified documents and deathbed confessions of key conspirators, led to a Congressionally mandated re-investigation of the Iran side of the Iran-Contra scandal funded at the level of the 9/11 Commission.


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