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Adam Green: New Evidence of Israeli Foreknowledge of 9/11 (Listen to the Confession!)

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Adam Green of KnowMoreNews just had his YouTube channel taken down. Why? Maybe because he is asking why the many well-documented reports of Zionist foreknowledge of 9/11 — including a just-discovered report about Israel’s top Hasidic rabbi saying “say goodbye to those (Twin Towers), you won’t be seeing them again” not long before the demolitions—are ignored or labeled “anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.” (During this broadcast, around the 10 minute mark, Adam plays a recording of Rabbi Avraham Benhaim discussing his eyewitness account of a top Israeli Hassidic rabbi’s apparent foreknowledge of the controlled demolition of the Twin Towers.)

Adam Green notes that “Netanyahu takes orders from the Rebbe,” and that “Ariel Sharon says Rebbe gives government officials ‘military advice‘”…and wonders whether “Netanyahu is following ‘war by deception – zohar’ orders from the rebbe?“…and whether this all represents the “Birthpangs of the Moschiach.”  And what does Adam think of Trump freeing Jonathan Pollardtrying to start a nuclear war with Iran for Israel, officially labeling BDS “anti-Semitic,” and  sending Pompeo to bless war criminal settlements?

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