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Is the Plandemic Dying Out? Meryl Nass on testing mess & lack of reliable COVID data

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MD and biowar expert Meryl Nass discusses her new article “The testing mess, lack of reliable data on Covid-19, and a hypothesis why.” Dr. Nass explains that media-driven panic over COVID-19 may have been based on two critically important wrong assumptions—and that the pandemic may be dying out, not flaring up.

She begins by debunking the false claim that COVID-19 has never been isolated:

“Within the first 10 days of January a sequence for the Chinese SARS-CoV-2 virus had been published by Edward Holmes of Australia. (He coauthored the March Nature Medicine paper I have publicly criticized.) Holmes works closely with Chinese scientists who passed this to him, possibly without CCP authorization.

“People were able to immediately start devising PCR tests based on this published sequence even without a virus. After that, as the virus travelled to many countries, scientists around the world started isolating the virus locally. There have been many thousands of isolations from patients from many countries, and scientists have decoded the genome, i.e., sequenced the virus, which has 30,000-34,000 nucleotides, and shown what mutations are occurring when, in different parts of the world.  Alina Chan helped create a website that characterizes these strain differences by location. The virus has been cultured in many countries, as early as January-February, including by CDC…

So why are estimates of the reliability of COVID testing all over the map? Why is it that
“the media appear to have deliberately tried to give us bad information about most aspects of the illness and of the pattern and severity of illnesses and number of cases”?!

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