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Robin Hordon on 9/11 Planes, Activism in Seattle & Portland, Elections, & More

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Whistleblowing ex-Air Traffic Controller Robin Hordon, a source for some of David Ray Griffin’s work on the 9/11 planes, offers a different take on AA77 and related issues from David Chandler’s. At the end of the show he updates us on his civil information activism, which will be taking him to the Portland “civil war zone” tomorrow.

2 Thoughts to “Robin Hordon on 9/11 Planes, Activism in Seattle & Portland, Elections, & More”

  1. A couple of clarifications:

    Robin claims in this interview that the path I computed for the plane would collide with the VDOT radio tower. That is not true. The plane would pass south of the tower by enough to clear it. In fact the adjustment to the path I made to fit the points of contact near the Pentagon actually increases the clearance at the VDOT tower compared with Frank Legge’s earlier work.

    Also, Robin claims that I relied on the work of John Farmer, who studied the radar track of the plane. Actually, I in no way relied on Farmer’s work. I merely made the observation, after the fact, that the FDR path is consistent with Farmer’s results.

    1. One more thing. I just went back and worked out some more numbers: The plane was high enough to clear the tower vertically too. I hadn’t looked at this issue for a long time because Frank treated it like a non-issue and I was following along in his footsteps early on. Robin’s challenge forced me to crank the numbers for myself. Thank you Robin. It makes me wonder where Robin is getting his numbers, though. I wish he would be more careful before making derogatory claims about other people’s work.

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