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FFWN: Ban “Conspiracy Theories that Justify Real-World Violence” – Like the 9/11 Official Conspiracy Theory?


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 1) Defund the Department of COVIDland Security—Support FFWN Instead! CLICK ON: 

2) Will the 2020 Election Be Stolen–Webinar Oct 25th

Fix America?

3) Help Red-Pill JFK biographer Fredrik Logevall

4) Fix America by Undoing Decades of Privatization

War Is Over if You Want It

5) John Lennon at 80: One Man Against the Deep State ‘Monster’

6) As War Danger Mounts in the Arctic, Peace Hinges on a Revival of the Wallace Doctrine

Conspiracy Theorist in Chief?

7) Trump Retweets “Obama Staged Fake Osama Killing” and “Silenced Seal Team Six”

8) Trump refuses to disavow QAnon

Election Madness

9) Adelsons pour $75M into last-ditch effort to save Trump (& Likud Rule Over USA)

10) Twitter & Liberal Zionist Media vs. Likud Zionists (NY Post, Fox) on Hunter Biden Scandal

11) Armed groups say they will show up to polling sites on Election Day, and experts are afraid it will intimidate voters

12) Biden Supports 8-Year-Olds Changing Gender: “I  Will Flat Out Just Change the Law”

13) Biden says he wears an N95 mask under his surgical mask


14) Operation Warp Speed Using CIA-Linked Contractor to Keep COVID-19 Vaccine Contracts Secret

15) “The Covidian Cult” by CJ Hopkins

16) White House embraces declaration that opposes lockdowns and relies on ‘herd immunity.’

17) MSM Bashes Swedish Model

18) As Virus Spread, Reports of Trump Administration’s Private Briefings Fueled Sell-Off

19) NDAA Creates New Department of COVIDland Security (DCS)

Big Tech Censorship (by the Jusual Suspects)

20) YouTube Bans “Conspiracy Theories that Justify Real-World Violence”  20)

21) YouTube removes Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam channel

22) Facebook Enshrines Holocaust Fundamentalism, Bans All Other Viewpoints

23) How Sacha Baron Cohen’s Plan To Use ‘Borat’ Sequel To Combat Facebook & Twitter Holocaust Denier Policies Evolved With Abrupt About Face & Surprise Lawsuit

l’Islamophobie: Religion d’état?

23A) Charlie Hebdo beheading—another false flag?

24) Turkey accuses France’s (Rothschild-owned) Macron of ‘sowing Islamophobia’

25) ‘Stop stigmatising us’, French Muslims tell Macron

26) France Imprisons Hervé Ryssen for Holocaust Heresy—Is French State Religion Laicité or Judicité?

Azerbaijan vs. Armenia

27) US Backs Azerbaijan, Following Zionist Orders as Always

28)  Azerbaijan President Blames Soros: Another “Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theory”?

Culture Wars

29) Protesters in Portland Topple Statues of Lincoln and Roosevelt

30) Antifa Killer Silenced in Gangland-Style Execution by Cops

31) Even math is tainted by racism, says Wake (Woke?) Forest professor as school launches ‘anti-racist uses of math’ class


32) Harry Reid Confirms Federal Government Covered Up UFOs For Years

33) NYT Introduces New Word “Xenoarchaeologist” (Researcher of ET Civilizations)

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  1. Tina Kimmel, PhD, MSW, MPH

    Great show! Thrilling that Matt was prepared on every subject. Maybe fewer articles would make for a more relaxed discussion?

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