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LIVE RADIO! Psychology Professor William Woodward on Beirut & Israel; Atty. Thomas Willcutts on Science Propaganda Machine & COVID Censorship

Broadcasts live Fridays 8 to 10 pm Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived HERE

First hour: Prof. William Woodward agrees with last week’s guests Anthony Hall and Gordon Duff that the “fireworks and fertilizer” explosion in Beirut was probably not accidental, and that Israel is the leading suspect. We’ll discuss the media coverup of evidence supporting the Israeli attack thesis—and the larger question of how powerful forces like the Israel lobby are able to censor the media and the academic community.

Thomas Willcutts

Second hour: Attorney Thomas Willcutts disagrees with many of last week’s guest Gordon Duff‘s assertions about COVID-19. He argues that the “scientific consensus” supporting universal masking, lockdowns, Orwellian contact-tracing, and vaccines, and opposing HCQ, is questionable. Willcutts argues that propagandists “employ widespread control of media, fear, and anti-science ridicule, as well as pervasive control and policing of academic publishing and funding” to push self-interested perspectives and fabricate a “mainstream scientific consensus” on issues ranging from COVID to climate change to 9/11.

Thomas Willcutts disagrees with Gordon Duff’s claims that a consensus of experts agrees HCQ doesn’t work, and that dissident doctors are a tiny lunatic fringe. Willcutts says there is no evidence that treating physicians are opposed to HCQ, citing the largest study of what treating physicians are actually doing.

He writes:

“Gordon said the ‘Frontline Doctors’ was only a few whack jobs hand-selected by Trump, and he defended their being censored.  And he said the doctors are 99% against HQ.
There is a Nationwide Organization of Physicians called AAPS – Association of American Physicians & Surgeons, which has been in existence since 1943 and has approximately 5,000 members Nationwide.  They indicate that they are non-partisan, but they are criticized in Media for being ‘conservative’ or ‘right-wing.’  Both Ron Paul and Rand Paul were members, for example.
Anyway – they have filed a Lawsuit in Federal Court over the FDA’s and Federal Government’s handling of HQ.
And here is their statement about the censorship going on — you could have written it:
And here is an authentic, award-winning investigative journalist who looked into this question. I cannot imagine that Gordon has any rebuttal to this short presentation.

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  1. Amin Abdullah

    They are arrogantly stating that will keep society under hardship, until they forcefully vaccinate everybody.

    The following video is pointing at the articles where they give free reign to talking about their satanic plans (the blurb has the links) :

    A bullet in their skulls would be too good for them if you ask me.

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