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Art Olivier on “Coronavirus Transformation Ritual”

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Former Libertarian Party VP Candidate and mayor of Bellflower, California Art Olivier  discusses his brand-new article “The Coronavirus Transformation Ritual.” In it he writes:

“Masks are quite often required during a ritual to help create a new identity. From ‘Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 11, Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla, 2004, Ritual, Masks, And Sacrifices’, ‘Ritual is intimately connected with the mask, either in the wearing that hides the true face, or in the adoption of a public face. The mask makes the disengagement from ordinary time and the connection to the ancient and repetitive, which is the heart of ritual, psychologically acceptable. Together, ritual and mask facilitate the apprehension of identity and its connections with paradox by placing the mystery of change outside of life’s ordinary reasonableness into the domain of magic and power. This change and transformation is enacted by the sacrifice of the ritual.’”

One Thought to “Art Olivier on “Coronavirus Transformation Ritual””

  1. Amin Abdullah

    The mask : desecrating the sanctity of the face.

    The prophet ‘Mohammed’ forbade to hit a person OR an animal on the face. Even in times of war, he advised one to try to avoid striking the face of an enemy combatant.

    Indeed, as the prophet explained – I may be paraphrasing – The face of a human AND the face of an animal, is where the soul can be somewhat perceived and felt, and where the “signature” of God is the most manifest. In other words, I would say that the face, is the part of our body that honors God the most evidently.

    Those demons-worshipers want to mock God by having his servants hide what God Created and hide what identifies them among the many other creatures.

    Put a little mask on your cat or dog, and see how they will react !!!.

    Muslims should be outraged – and non-compliant – by having to wear a mask and imitate pagans in the satanic aspect of their culture. By wearing a mask, muslims are saying :

    “Look Allah, I am hiding the part of my body where your “signature” is the most manifest. As far as I am concerned, the little anti-christs’ wishes on this earth, do outrank my devotion to You by far. I’ll be on Friday at the mosque, but for now, take a hike”.

    Not only muslims are not outraged by having to wear a mask, but they wear it and try to enforce that satanic practice in their businesses on others, as having been refused to enter muslim stores can testify. I just shout before leaving : “I worship God. I don’t worship satan to be wearing a mask”.

    Stupid, mechanical, coward and facade muslims, are the worst as far as I am concerned.

    Where are the many muslim doctors in usa who are putting videos out there to challenge the official narrative ?. Bunch of lower-than monkeys creatures.

    The face being “where the soul resides”, wearing a mask is very dehumanizing. Don’t they say that a campaign of dehumanization always precedes genocide ?.

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