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Scientist Josh Mitteldorf on COVID: “Here’s How We Know We’re Being Lied To”

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“So we proceed on the premise that this is a psy-op, a political and economic event that uses a pandemic as a launching point.” -Josh Mitteldorf

Astrophysics Ph.D. and anti-aging scientist Josh Mitteldorf, author of Cracking the Aging Code, returns to Truth Jihad Radio to discuss his take on the COVID-19 pandemic. He asks “How do we know we’re being lied to?” then cites authorities  maximizing fear in the messages sent to the public via:

  • Inflated death rates
  • Inflated case counts
  • Fear stories like the teen COVID party that led to death and the Arizona couple who drank aquarium cleaner and the bodies piled outside hospitals
  • One article from Wuhan in February implying asymptomatic transmission has been blown up into a reason to isolate healthy people from healthy people.

He notes there has been “suppression of the voices of sanity among front-line responders, epidemiologists, computer modelers…even in the scientific literature” while “doctors and nurses who tell stories from the front lines are seeing their testimonials disappear from Youtube.” Worst of all is the “genetic evidence that the COVID virus originated in a lab“—the most probable hypothesis despite “the desperate efforts to de-legitimize this science, even when it comes from a Nobel laureate.”

So who did it and why? Tune in and find out what Josh Mittledorf thinks.

*PS During the show, Josh erroneously said that according to CDC statistics excess deaths in the US have dipped into negative territory. In fact, since the surge in excess deaths in April, the numbers have dipped close to baseline but not below it.

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