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Monika Schaefer on COVID-NWO Agenda

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Monika Schaefer, a Canadian citizen and former Green Party activist, spent most of 2018 as a prisoner of conscience in Germany after she was prosecuted for apologizing to her mother.  Henry Makow just published her Open Letter to the Jasper Town Council: “I have looked into this, and have come to the conclusion that what we are witnessing is nothing less than the implementation of a New World Order, and it is pure communism. If they succeed, it will be a tyrannical one-world-government police state in which our every move will be monitored, controlled, and dictated. We will be slaves in a dystopia. We will be force vaccinated, and the vaccine will not be good for us.” (Personally I think what they want is pure bankster capitalism, not communism; tune in and make up your own mind!)

Monika recommends “OCLA Recommends Civil Disobedience Against Mandatory Masking.”


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