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James Thring on Zionist Coup in UK; Gerard Menuhin on “Truth for Dummies”

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First 20 minutes: James Thring is a retired architect-planner concerned about the Middle East since Israel’s 1967 War. He designed the first Cambridge Autonomous House in 1971 with a view to helping people isolated from public services, as in Palestine, and applied the technology to a plan for Saharan Libya in 1975. He has been in the front lines of UK peace activism, which has pitted him against the Israeli lobby, the main instigator of war in today’s West. In this interview we discuss the Israeli takeover of Britain, including Israel’s use of its treasonous “British” assets to prevent Jeremy Corbyn from becoming Prime Minister.

Final 35 minutes: Gerard “Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil” Menuhin is one of Europe’s most interesting and controversial authors and commentators. The son of famous peace activist and anti-Zionist musician Yahudi Menuhin, Gerard has gone several steps further in calling out the forces he deems responsible for most wars and avoidable human suffering. I fully agree with his suggestion in his new short play “Truth for Dummies, or: Ms Jones and Mr. Bagman” that riba (usury) is the prime force behind the ever-worsening enslavement of mankind.

You can also listen to him in earlier interviews discussing his autobiography, his book Lies and Gravy, and his famous and much-censored revisionist classic Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil.

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