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9/11 Whistleblower Robin Hordon on Being Arrested for Info-Activism

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Robin Hordon is a former air traffic controller and licensed commercial pilot. He is also a pioneer of  CI, “civil informationing.” If you have been to professional sporting events in Seattle you may have seen him out front with his 9/11 truth banner.

But now the Seattle area has gone crazy. The Capital Hill neighborhood is an “autonomous zone” where police are barred even while murders are committed. But across the Sound in Kitsap, you can get arrested for holding a pro-peace sign in a public park! That’s what happened to Robin Hordon on July 4th, 2019—leading to a lawsuit that is garnering mainstream coverage.

In this interview Robin discusses his arrest, which he attributes to the “basic fundamental ignorance and stupidity by people who are in charge of the Port of Kingston.” We also discuss other topical issues, including:

*The current state of the 9/11 truth movement, and the fact that “Israel was involved (in 9/11) in many very deep ways.”

*The demonstrations and riots following the George Floyd murder and subsequent “complete narrow-minding or dumbing down process into general quick violence, as we see in the murdering of black people, that is very prevalent, not just recently, but over the decades.”

*The ruling elite’s divide-and-conquer strategy, exemplified by the “let’s change the conversation to race” gambit to take people’s minds off their theft of $7 trillion from ordinary Americans.

NOTE: Robin Hordon was one of the first people to understand that 9/11 was a false-flag neocon coup. He writes:

“I knew that 9/11 was an ‘inside job…false-flag-event’ by 2PM on 9/11 itself. The ONLY way that NORAD would not have intercepted EACH airliner is IF there was a major breakdown of communications between the FAA and NORAD [NEADS]. Note: I had this happen to me as an ATC…cables were cut by a backhoe and the facility went dark-UGH!!!] So, when I found out that they were talking with each other all along…BINGO…another Pearl Harbor…and here we go into another war.”


One Thought to “9/11 Whistleblower Robin Hordon on Being Arrested for Info-Activism”

  1. Robert Duda

    I listen to Barbra Honegger the other day & she said that you got the radar records on the day of 9/11/2001. I ‘m interested about flight 77. She said something about flight 77 got intercepted by 2 fighter jets & escorted to Wright – Paterson Air Force Base.

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