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Gordon Duff: USA Is a Narco-State

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Intro: Shout out to Thievery Corporation & “Culture of Fear.”

 First half hour: Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today, says the USA has suffered a hostile takeover by organized crime (whose current top dog is Semion Mogilevich) and has become a narco-state.  It turns out that letting the CIA dominate the global drug trade since World War II wasn’t such a good idea after all. Letting the bad guys kill JFK in broad daylight was also a mistake. Opening our doors to the Russian-Zionist mob in the 1990s, then acquiescing to the 9/11 false flag, probably wasn’t too smart either. Today, Gordon says, certain mobbed-up military and intel folks at places like Fort Huachuca should be considered top suspects when pallet loads of bricks are mysteriously dropped at anti-police-brutality demonstrations…and when bioweapons are dropped on China, Iran, and Russia.

Second half hour: I’m interviewed by Radio Islam International about the corona crisis and public disorder in the USA, then play music  by Abandon Control.

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