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Eric Beeth, MD: HCQ Works, WHO’s Corrupt, COVID Plandemic is “An Operation with an Agenda—to Create Chaos”

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Is the COVID plandemic “an operation with an agenda”? Dr. Eric Beeth, who has been successfully treating COVID-19 patients in Brussels,  suspects exactly that. In this interview he suggests that the people in charge of the big global health organizations (and presumably the banksters who own them) may be deliberately steering people away from effective COVID-19 treatments in order to heighten the disruptive impact of their “plandemic.”

Dr. Beeth says:

“From the beginning, when we were hearing what was going on in China, I was, as a doctor, listening very carefully to how my colleagues were reacting, and how we should treat these people. One of my specialities is treating infectious diseases. And I also have some good contacts. We have groups of doctors who discuss (COVID-19 treatments). But it was quite unusual that this topic of how to treat this viral infection was absent in the whole media discussion. It was all about having masks and keeping (social distance) and the lockdown. But we were getting a message from the World Health Organization that there is no treatment. And that is not at all a correct message. It is certainly not a correct message to be given from a doctor…It’s very important to be searching for the treatments that work.

“We actually did have some good success. We were listening at the time to what was coming out of Thailand. The doctors in Thailand were sharing their experiences, what works and what didn’t work. And it came out quite early that HCQ is an interesting medicine. The tests were first done in China. And it was with this big test that Dr. Didier Raoult in Marseilles hooked on and made his decision to treat his patients, and to treat basically everyone who showed up at his hospital with COVID-19, or with suspicions of COVID-19, with HCQ.

“I think he did absolutely the right thing. He is a true doctor who has had excellent results treating infectious diseases. These are the type of people we should be listening to. I do not think we should be listening to the World Health Organization at this time. The person leading it is Dr. Tedros Adhanom.  But he’s not a doctor at all. And I do not think that “Doctor” Bill Gates is a doctor either, although he’s publishing numerous articles in the New England Journal of Medicine. These are people who, to me, are not worthy of being listened to if we are looking for a solution to this (COVID-19) problem.

“These people are absolutely not doctors. And you can see that they are absolutely incapable of reading a scientific article, from the way they closed down the scientific research on HCQ after an absolutely imbecilic report that came out in The Lancet. It’s amazing that the report got published! And then immediately the WHO says ‘oh, we’re closing down all our studies on HCQ.’ And this (suggests) that HCQ is something they really want to hide…because perhaps if we were (effectively) treating COVID patients, then there wouldn’t be so much chaos. The whole meaning of this pandemic, or ‘plandemic,’ is to create chaos, and to put a whole agenda into place.”

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  1. paul collins

    No problem = No (vaccine) solution.
    Hence the BS continues.

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