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FFWN: Orwellian Tyranny Coming at “Warp Speed”

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This week’s guest host is Lucy Morgan Edwards is author of The Afghan Solution. She is a former Political Advisor to the EU Special Representative in Kabul.


1) Help FFWN Expose Israeli Agent Scumbags Epstein, Dershowitz & Co.

2) PSA Covid-19–A New 9/11 Style False Flag? Live Video-Streamed Webinar Sunday, May 31, 2020

3) Mainstream “Construction News” Covers WTC-7 Scandal Honestly

3A) Action Against 5G Goes Live Today!

War on Russia & China

4) U.S. pulls out of Open Skies treaty, Trump’s latest treaty withdrawal

5) Heavy is the Head: China’s State Council Pledges $1.4tn to Take Top Spot From US as Global Tech King

5B) China Moves on Hong Kong

War on Venezuela & Iran

6) Venezuela military to ESCORT Iranian fuel tankers to Caracas against de facto naval blockade by US

7) Will Trump Really Start Two Wars Instead of “Just” One?

Corona War

8) Study Points To COVID-19 Lab Creation, Lead Author Suggests ‘Forced Selection’ Vs. Genetic Engineering

9) Global Capitalism, “World Government” and the Corona Crisis

10) Another Bank Bailout Under Cover of a Virus

Corona Stats & Models

11) Neil Ferguson’s Imperial model could be the most devastating software mistake of all time

12) US COVID-19 Death Toll Could Nearly Quadruple by Year’s End – Study—study/

13) Covid-19: “Staggering number” of extra deaths in community is not explained by covid-19

14) COVID19 Testing: What are we doing? What does it mean?

15) ‘We’ve Been Muzzled’: CDC Officials Say Trump’s Delayed COVID-19 Response Cost ‘Lives and Money’

16) ‘We could open up again and forget the whole thing’: Epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski on the deadly consequences of lockdown.

Corona Unfreedom

17) Sir Mark, his minions & the Shadow State now in control of Britain  A shoal of Orwellian names, a rapidly expanding Secret State empire – and a political élite seemingly powerless to stop it

18) A Timeline—Pandemic and Erosion of Freedoms Have Been Decades in the Making • Children’s Health Defense

19) Trump’s promise of ‘Warp Speed’ fuels anti-vaccine movement in fertile corners of the Web

20) ‘Power’ to ‘plunge a needle into your arm’: Dershowitz says forced vaccinations are constitutional

21) Washington gov: Those who don’t cooperate with ‘contact tracers’ and tests not allowed to leave home

22) Oregon Supreme Court Halts Order Nixing Virus Restrictions

23) Cop Fired For Posting Video About People’s Rights & Liberties Being Violated

24) Why American life went on as normal during the killer pandemic of 1969

War on Freedom 

25) Pepe Escobar: How Biosecurity Is Enabling Digital Neo-Feudalism

26) Since I Met Edward Snowden, I’ve Never Stopped Watching My Back

27) Democrats Have Abandoned Civil Liberties – Taibbi

28) News Stories (including cowardly 9/11 truth denier Taibbi’s) Avoid Naming Israel>

Corona Protests/Politics

29) Fury in Germany as thousands join protests across country over lockdown measures and a vaccine plan by Bill Gates as Angela Merkel’s popularity falls

30) In This Election, It’s the Remote Against the Exposed

Kashmir Genocide

31) 2 million Hindus to be settled in Indian Occupied Kashmir: Sardar Masood Khan

Odds and Ends

32) Aluminum, Fluoride Glyphosate and EMF: The Deliberate Concoction to Shut You Down

33) NASA scientists detect evidence of parallel universe where time runs backward

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