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Philosopher David Skrbina on Coronavirus and Technology

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Philosopher David Skrbina, author of The Metaphysics of Technology, joins us to ponder the corona-technology interface.

Much of the world is looking for technological solutions to the coronavirus problem. But what if technology IS the problem? Even in the unlikely event that COVID-19 wasn’t made in a lab, its pandemic global transmission could only happen in an urban, densely-populated, hyper-connected hi-tech society. What’s more, the techno-solutions—building an Orwellian surveillance state where anyone who coughs gets tested and quarantined, injecting everyone with a possibly toxic vaccine, etc.—may do more harm than good, if human psycho-spiritual well-being is our highest value. So maybe it’s technology, not just coronavirus biological warfare technology, that needs to be contained…or even eradicated?

David Skrbina has taught at various universities, most recently U. of Michigan-Dearborn. He is featured in episodes 3 and 4 of the Netflix documentaryUnabomber: In His Own Words.

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