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Anthrax Expert Barry Kissin: “Slow Down! COVID-19 May NOT Be a Bioweapon”

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Barry Kissin is an attorney who lives near the Ft. Detrick biowar facility where the 2001 false flag anthrax was made. He is an expert on the anthrax aspect of the 9/11-anthrax false flag, and is knowledgable and deeply concerned about our desperate need to ban biological weapons while there is still time. But he is not convinced by Larry Romanoff’s arguments that COVID-19 is a US bioweapon. He isn’t even sure about Meryl Nass’s refutation of the “can’t be a bioweapon” propaganda push. What’s more, he argues that we shouldn’t be highlighting the “it looks like a bioweapon” argument!

I disagree. Given the abundance of circumstantial evidence, the leading (neocon) suspects’ prior record (including the 2001 anthrax attack) and the strong means-motive-opportunity argument, I think we should be screaming “COVID 19 is probably a bioweapon” from the rooftops. So why am I wrong? Let’s ask Barry!

One Thought to “Anthrax Expert Barry Kissin: “Slow Down! COVID-19 May NOT Be a Bioweapon””

  1. Michael

    Kevin, I don’t know if you or Barry Kissin caught the recent youtube video with Dr. Francis Boyle where he reveals a paper from French scientists from France and one from Montreal on the possibility that COVID-19 was indeed a biological weapon. . Below is the link to the paper. The quote from paper reads ”.. This furin-like cleavage site, is supposed to be cleaved during virus egress (Mille and Whittaker, 2014) for S-protein “priming” and may provide a gain-of-function to the 2019-nCoV for efficient spreading in the human population compared to other lineage b betacoronaviruses. ” According to Dr. Boyle, gain-of-function is a ”tip-off ..Only useful for offensive biological warfare activity.”
    -youtube video: go to the 1min mark for Dr. Boyle’s remarks:

    Thks for your work Kevin. I read Tony Hall’s two massive books and had him at my place years ago for a lecture I organized in Montreal with him him and STS speaking.

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