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Wahid Azal: Coronavirus, Spirituality, & Politics: Shia/Sufi/Muslim Perspectives (Part 2)

Wahid Azal

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More Shia/Sufi perspectives, this time featuring a Shia Sufi!

Wahid Azal makes his debut appearance on Truth Jihad Radio discussing his critique of “Shills, Spooks, and Sufis in Service of Empire,” and the larger question of the political dimensions of religion in general and Sufi Islam in particular.

Wahid Azal (BAs, MA, BL) is a recent widower and is an independent scholar specializing in the historiography and philologies of Islamic esoteric and occult texts. He has been described as a practicing Islamic Theurgist (white sorcerer) within contemporary global occulture. He is also the foremost Western authority on the post-Islamic religion of the Bayān (Azalī Bābism) and is founder of the Fatimiya Sufi Order (a Bayānī Sufi order branching off from the Shiʿite Iranian Khāksār-Jalālī, Niʿmatullāhī-Ṣafīʿalīshahī and Qādirī orders). His personal and professional interests also include the sacramental use of entheogenic (psychoactive) plants in ritualized religious contexts throughout history, and especially in MENA, as well as indigenous cosmologies and spiritualities throughout the world. Wahid Azal stands with First Nations sovereignty movements. He is a committed eco-socialist as well as theoretician to his own political theory of Theophanocracy (where Karl Marx meets Ibn ʿArabī). He has lived in Iran, the United States, Germany and is presently residing in the east-coast of Australia. His work can be found on his page, on Youtube, his blog and on .

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