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Brian Ruhe: Bjerknes and Hoffman Are Wrong, Hitler Was a Great Guy!

Brian Ruhe “in costume”

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Brian Ruhe, who has (non-ironically) called himself a “Buddhist Nazi,” espouses a generally pro-Hitler position. In this interview, we’ll air our widely differing views on that…and also discuss the recent flurry of claims that Brian is secretly Jewish, which I guess would make him a “Jewish Buddhist Nazi,” which is even weirder than just a “Buddhist Nazi”—though unfortunately it seems that Brian was just dressing up as an Orthodox Jew for a theatrical event when the “incriminating” photos were taken.

In any case, Brian has been persecuted, censored, silenced, fired from a job, and deplatformed for his odd mix of political and religious views. He strikes me as a nice guy who, like everybody else, should enjoy the right to free speech.

(For some of the anti-Hitler arguments Brian is responding to, listen to my earlier interviews with Christopher Bjerknes and Michael Hoffman.)

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