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A Night of Fearlessness with R. Michael Fisher, Rafiq, and Four Arrows

Broadcasts live 8 to 10 pm Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at my Patreon page.

First hour: R. Michael Fisher is the founder of The Fearology Institute, Founder and Senior Editor of the International Journal of Fear Studies, and author of The World’s Fearlessness TeachingsPhilosophy of Fearism: A First East-West DialogueFearless Engagement of Four Arrows: The True Story of an Indigenous-based Social TransformerFear, Law and Criminology: Critical Issues in Applying the Philosophy of Fearism, and India, A Nation of Fear & Prejudice.  Tonight we will be discussing Fearless Engagement of Four Arrows with Robert “Rafiq” Lewis, who just reviewed that book.

Second hour: Four Arrows, the subject of R. Michael Fisher’s book, joins us to offer his take on the topics at hand.

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