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Debate on Hitler Continues: Christopher Jon Bjerknes vs. Brian Ruhe

Broadcast live Fridays 8 to 10 pm Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived HERE

First hour: Researcher-historian Christopher Jon Bjerknes, author of Adolf Hitler: Bolshevik and Zionist and other books, joins the debate on Hitler. Like my recent guest Michael Hoffman, Bjerknes thinks Hitler was indeed an “enemy of the German people”—and a very dubious character in many respects—whose reign was an unmitigated disaster for Germany and Europe in general. Now he’s under attack from Hitler fans!

Adam Green recently wrote me:

I enjoyed your interview with Michael Hoffman. The religious zealot nazi cult is viciously attacking Bjerknes and me after our videos about his new books too. Our videos were all top trending on bitchute
After watching your great talk with Hoffman, I’d love to see you have Bjerknes on too. He’s under smear attack big time right now. His new theories that Hitler was ZIONIST/COMMUNIST controlled opposition is incredibly interesting, I think he’s onto something big.

Second hour: Brian Ruhe, who has (non-ironically) called himself a “Buddhist Nazi,” espouses a generally pro-Hitler position. In this interview we’ll air our widely differing views on that…and also discuss the recent flurry of claims that Brian is secretly Jewish, which I guess would make him a “Jewish Buddhist Nazi,” which is even weirder than just a “Buddhist Nazi”—though unfortunately it seems that Brian was just dressing up as an Orthodox Jew for a theatrical event when the “incriminating” photos were taken.

In any case, Brian has been persecuted, censored, silenced, fired from a job, and deplatformed for his odd mix of political and religious views. He strikes me as a nice guy who, like everybody else, should enjoy the right to free speech.

One Thought to “Debate on Hitler Continues: Christopher Jon Bjerknes vs. Brian Ruhe”

  1. Amin Abdullah

    I am not sure if you had ‘Christopher Jon Bjerknes’ before, but I used to follow his blog and I used to appreciate his analysis and interviews very much. He seems to be a top-notch researcher and I appreciated that he expresses himself very well.

    He researched ‘The Armenian Genocide’ as well. His conclusions are nothing close to the “official his-story” that says “Ottoman muslims were just thirsty for the blood of christian infidels”. That definitely deserves a 2-hour podcast with him. The .pdf is online free if I am not mistaken.

    At one point he seemed to have become overly preoccupied with “whiteness”, which is his right. It just made me lose interest. That was a few years back, I don’t know what he is up to nowadays.

    May Allah open his heart to Islam.

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